Why DSP?

I’m David Smalley, the Executive Headhunter & CEO of Daniels Smalley Partnership. My team & I help the founders, investors, CEO’s and leaders of innovative businesses across South Wales, the South West and South Coast of England by introducing them too difficult to find talent.

We support businesses of all sizes from small / medium sized enterprises through to subsidiaries of larger groups and PLC’s. We have also partnered with a variety of owners from investor lead start up’s, family owned, international businesses, private equity and listed concerns.

I have 30 years’ + experience in undertaking executive search and advertised selection assignments for C-Suite executive, board level, senior managerial positions and “difficult to fill” appointments.



Recruiting Leaders & Executives

Great leaders are rare, so rare that companies often fail to select the candidate with the right talent for the job in a surprising number of cases. It’s not just around leadership, strategy, financial acumen, communication and great time management skills; it’s also about cultural fit and the ability to inspire and share the company vision that should be the driver of motivation and inspiration in an effective leader.

All too often employers can get hung up with the individual having the “right background or names on the CV” without taking sufficient time to really probe into how they will communicate their ideas for change within the business, how they might seek to challenge the status quo and whether they have the charisma and emotional intelligence required to inspire and secure buy in from your employees.

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement that this new appointee will resolve all of your problems and steer the right course for future success without looking at it from the candidate’s perspective! After all it “works both ways” as the saying goes.


Our Approach

In short, that’s where we come in. Not only do we have a rigorous, tried and tested process for the executive search, but we place the emphasis of this around the management of the relationship.

This means taking the time with you as the employer at the outset to truly engage with you in defining the remit of the requirement, in understanding the challenges and opportunities that you face, how this role sits within this and the experience & skill set of the individual required to meet the challenge.

It’s also about the relationship with the candidates and that means combining integrity, trust, and confidentiality with the openness required to understand what’s important to the individual and how this aligns with your requirement for what’s a hugely important investment in your business.

This is all underpinned by robust recruitment practice:- the submission of a detailed and transparent proposal inviting you to partner with us, reinforced by the preparation of a high-quality candidate briefing documentation, highly targeted research lists of suitable organisations to search into as well as highly professional copy advertising for the job boards.  Our approach focuses on a candidate acquisition strategy that targets those who are actively searching for a new opportunity alongside a professional and well thought out plan to reach out to those who are not!


Our Values

We understand that your ability to consistently identify & hire top-performing talent is crucial to your ongoing success and future growth plans. We take the time to understand the values and behaviours that are important in the selection of your senior leadership team members which in turn helps us in selecting the right candidates and in building a long-term consultancy support relationship with you.

It’s also a philosophy that strongly influences how we conduct ourselves across the entire search process and the manner in which we engage with others. We adopt a “hands-on approach” which is also personal relationship driven; indeed, many of our candidates have become recruiting clients over the last 25 years because of this.

If you are looking for an innovative approach to search & selection in the Cardiff, South Wales, Bristol or South West region where expertise, market insight and a quality service are the norm, then we really should be talking.



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